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                       Sheri Wells

               B.S., M.Ed, LMT, CPT

Sheri Wells is an Orthopedic Massage Therapist and Advanced Personal Trainer- since 2002. 
She is also an Orthopedic Massage upper level teaching assistant for James Waslaski; International Lecturer and Author. She is certified in Orthopedic Massage: James Waslaski.
And also certified in Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques: Dr. Erik Dalton.


The following is based on James Waslaski's protocol:

Orthopedic Massage- is a multidisciplinary, multimodality approach to finding the CAUSE for musculoskeletal pain patterns, restoring musculoskeletal balance throughout the entire body: relieving/eliminating painful problems.
This involves:

1. Assessment (TEST): checking active, passive and resisted ranges of motion to determine if they are normal, postural assessment standing, prone and supine, and functional gait/movement analysis

2. Massage (TREAT): determining if the problem is muscle tension or imbalance, fascial restrictions, trigger points/tender points, tissue tears, muscle strains, ligament sprains, tendinosis, scar tissue or nerve compression. Then, the use of gentle, pain free therapeutic massge techniques including: Myofascial Release, Myoskeletal Alignment, Active Isolated Stretching, PNF stretching, MAT, ART, Total Body Balancing, Lymphatic therapy and scar tissue mobilization along with eccentric lengthening of the soft tissue to resolve the problem.

3. Client Self Care (TEACH): advising postural "cues" along with stretching and/or strengthening exercises, depending on the client's specific problems, to restore pain free normal range of motion throughout the entire body and to prevent the problem from reoccuring.

"I am passionate about what I do and love to help people resolve their postural/injury/repetitive pain pattern problems."

Sheri Wells  
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